Tips for skin infections

Crystaderm® Cream can be used to effectively treat skin infections, whether it’s eczema, impetigo, infected wounds or other minor skin infections.

Treating skin infections

Make sure the infected area is clean and dry, then apply a thin layer of Crystaderm®. Cover the infected area with a sterile dressing to keep it clean. This can be done up to three times daily, for up to 21 days.

Why use Crystaderm®?

Many infection-fighting creams can excessively dry the skin, causing flaking, peeling and further irritation.

Crystaderm® is well tolerated with very few side effects, and not known to dry surrounding skin. Making Crystaderm® an ideal first aid cream for fighting skin infections.

Other treatments

Depending on the type of infection, its severity and whether other topical treatments are being used, a different treatment method might suit you better. It pays to talk with a medical professional about how to best use Crystaderm® to treat your particular infection.

If your infection gets worse during treatment, stop using Crystaderm® and seek professional medical advice.